Irish Screen Studies

Irish Screen Studies is a forum for researchers in film, television and other media. Our focus is on researchers who work in Ireland and for those who work on Irish themes. Among other things, we provide information about research and job opportunities, an index of personal profiles of individual researchers, and links to items of interest to our readers. We trace our roots to an initiative by film researchers at Trinity College Dublin and the University of Ulster, but Irish Screen Studies includes people from any and all education or other institutions and organizations in Ireland and elsewhere.

The Seminar
Irish Screen Studies is the home of the annual Irish Screen Studies Seminar, formerly known as the Irish Postgraduate Film Research Seminar. We provide a continually-updated database and archive of all of the research that has been held at this event since its inauguration in 2003, with links to researchers’ profiles and to their publications.

What is Screen Studies?
We take an expansive view of the field that is traditionally referred to as Film Studies, so that covers screen culture in the broadest sense, which includes cinema (the most widely studied category), as well as short film, television, digital media, networks, transmedia, technoculture, digital games, video art, and any other cultural artefact that takes place on screen. Cinema’s boundaries have never stopped shifting in its short history, and our deliberate inclusion of other media inside the fold of screen research has the aim of measuring the shifts that are being caused by the current phase of digitization.

The contents of this website have been collated and presented by Aidan Delaney, Matt O’Neill and Cormac Deane.