Steven Galvin

Local histories: The Cabra Grand (1949-1970) cinema

Year: 2008

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Dublin City University
(at time of presentation)

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The research project will investigate how the use of a local urban cinema in mid-20th century Ireland functioned as a locus of identity construction. I propose to explore the Cabra Grand (1949-1970) cinema from an ethnographic angle and investigate its role in the day-to-day life of the community it served.

Specifically, I hope that through personal interview and historical research I will be able to address the uses to which the cinema is put by its attendees be it through the cinema, the film, the location, the space itself. This would entail an investigation into the choices that were made by people as regards the reason they attended the cinema; the films/characters/stars they saw; the times they went; the people they went with, etc. Ultimately, I hope to shed light on the social and personal reasons that shaped the cinema going-experience in a particular area at a particular time.