1943 – ­A Dance Odyssey

On Tuesday October 26th, 2014 at 6.30pm Ruth Barton of TCD Film Studies will mediate a screening of “1943 – A Dance Odyssey” at the Samuel Beckett Theatre in the presence of some of the former tiny tots in the film, (two of whom are graduates of TCD), as well as the film’s writer and director, followed by a wine reception. Cost: €5.00

About “1943 – A Dance Odyssey”

Once upon a time, during World War Two (or “The Emergency”, as it was known in Ireland), enigmatic Irish-German woman Erina Brady brought cutting edge Modern Dance to Ireland, from Germany.  A forgotten reel of film by Irish film industry founder Liam Ó Laoghaire immortalised the mysterious modern dancer teaching her tiny pupils in her Harcourt Street Studio and dancing freely in the open air in his 1943 gem of a film, “Dance School”.

Setting eyes on this rare footage for the first time, “1943 – A Dance Odyssey” brings five of Brady’s former tiny tots on an odyssey to a bygone era in her enchanted Irish School of Dance Art studio.

Seventy years on, “1943 – A Dance Odyssey”, explores who were these tiny dancers, attempting an arabesque, and stretching out their little limbs in barefoot dance of expression? Where did the dance of life take them?

Unlocking fond memories of those extraordinary classes the women share how the modern dance pioneer influenced their lives, and opened them up to a lifetime of creativity.

Produced, Written & Directed by Deirdre Mulrooney
Shot & Edited by Mia Mullarkey; Music Composition by Rossa Ó Snodaigh
Running time: 25 minutes
Book here: tcd.ie/beckett-theatre/