2023 Irish Screen Studies Seminar – Trinity College Dublin

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, the 2023 Irish Screen Studies Seminar was hosted by the Department of Film and the Long Room Hub Arts & Humanities Research Institute at Trinity College Dublin, 11-12 May 2023.

Our keynote speaker was Professor Richard Dyer, and his talk was open to the public.

The seminar also featured two roundtable discussions:

  • Screen Studies Beyond Academia: Grainne Humphreys (Programme Director, Dublin International Film Festival); Dr Mary McGill (author of The Visibility Trap); Deirdre Molumby (film critic and journalist); Stuart Sloan (Programmer, Docs Ireland)
  • Reflections on 20 Years of Irish Screen Studies: Professor Kevin Rockett (Trinity College Dublin); Professor John Hill (Royal Holloway); Dr Jennie Carlsten (Ulster University); Dr Maria O’Brien (Queen’s University Belfast): Dr Conn Holohan (University of Galway); Dr Cormac Deane (Institute of Art Design + Technology)

Details of the 2023 Irish Screen Studies Seminar:


Dr Laura Aguiar (Ulster University) ‘Rathmullan Film Festival: Engaging Rural Audiences with Cultural Cinema and Filmmaking in Donegal’
Rose Baker (Royal Holloway) ‘Expanding the Small Screen: Exhibiting the Northern Irish Television Archive’
Randa Brachouche (University of Limerick) ‘Across Borders: An Alternative Portrayal of the Terrorist Figure in Ziad Doueiri’s The Attack (2012)’
Josh Cantrell (Anglia Ruskin University) ‘The Ghosts of the Famine: Representations of Specters in Irish Cinema and Lore’
Dr Máiréad Casey (University of Galway) ‘Cannibal Capitalism, False Meritocracy, and the Star Persona of Armie Hammer’
Terry Creagh (Dundalk Institute of Technology) ‘A Contemporary Perspective of Prosthethic Memory in Cinema’
Dr Séan Crosson (University of Galway) ‘Sport in European Cinema’
Brian Culley (Dublin City University) ‘How Video Games Tell Stories: An Analysis of Destiny 2’s Storytelling Methods and Narrative Design’
Dr Sorcha de Brún (University of Limerick) ‘From Caoineadh Airt uí Laoghaire to An Cailín Ciúin: Remediation and Contemporary Irish Language Film’
Tadhg Dennehy (University College Cork) ‘Derry Film and Video Workshop: A Cinematic Practice of Resistance’
Romeo Fraccari (University College Dublin) ‘High Concept Television: Queer Storytelling Trapped’
Gerard Gibson (Ulster University) ‘Blood on Snow: Vampires, Violence, and Winter’
Robert Gresham (Ulster University) ‘The American Filmmaking Manipulation of a Translated Novel: David Fincher’s Adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Rachel Gough (University College Cork) ‘Woman of the House: Ireland’s Patrilineal Land Transference on Film’
Dr Temmuz Süreyya Gürbüz (University College Dublin) and Alina Hernández (University of Galway) ‘Winesploitation: A Practice on Improvisation, Displacement and Restricted Filmmaking’
Rachel Heavey (Trinity College Dublin) ‘The VJ Lecture: Sharing Explo’
Aoife Quinn Hegarty (University College Dublin) ‘Gendered Framing: Representation
of Women in Irish Political Television during the 2020 Formation of the Government of Ireland’
Dr Helen Jackson (Ulster University) ‘Drone Screening’
John Kavanagh (Ulster University) ‘Murdering Men: Understanding Masculine Victimhood in the Slasher Film’
Dr Daithí Kearney and Luke Malone (Dundalk Institute of Technology) ‘Sounding out the Story: Animated Myth and Music in Cartoon Saloon’s Irish Folklore Trilogy’
Dr Niall Kennedy (Trinity College Dublin) ‘Is An Cailín Ciúin: an example of minor cinema?’
Dr Padraic Killeen (University of Galway) ‘The Walkman at the End of the World: Aestheticized Enviornments and Screen Apocalypses’
Dr James Denis McGlynn (University College Cork) ‘Communicating Screen Music Research through Videographic Criticism’
Dr Scotty McQueen (Trinity College Dublin) ‘The Apocalypse also Gazes’
Victor Morozov (Trinity College Dublin) ‘Making Sense of “The Troubles”: The Conflicting Practices of Filmmaking in Dónal Foreman’s The Image You Missed (2018)’
Dr Barry Nevin (Technological University Dublin) ‘In the Navy: Framing Curtis Harrington’s Night Tide (1961) as Queer (Inter)text’
Eilís Nolan (Institute of Art Design + Technology / Pulse College) ‘Pandemic Representation on Screen and the Post-Pandemic Audience’
Dr Kieran Nolan (Dundalk Institute of Technology) ‘In-Game Photography, Machinima, and The Videogame Screen as a Lens’
Dr Maria O’Brien (Queen’s University Belfast) ‘The Spatial Dynamics of Dublin on Screen’
Eoin Ó Gaora (University College Dublin) ‘Constructing an Alternative: Practices and Vocabularies of Care in Contemporary Irish Media’
Dr Stefano Ororico (Technological University of the Shannon) ‘The Polyphonic Documentary Project: Multiperspectival Thinking and Interactive Practices’
Odin O’Sullivan (University College Dublin) ‘300 and the Construction of Cinematic Deathworlds’
Richard Price (Dundalk Institute of Technology) ‘Can Generative Art Practices Be Seen as Representational of Bergsonian Duration?’
Ellen Scally (University College Cork) ‘Amateur Homes for Amateur Histories: Considering the Role of Hobbyists and Collectors in Preserving Nonprofessional Cine- culture in Ireland’
Lauren Treihaft (New York University/University College Dublin) ‘Bad Sisters, Good Feminists, and Abject Comedy before and after Death’
Tianxiang Wang (University of Galway) ‘A or B (2018) and the Surveillance Society in Contemporary China’
Dr Rebecca Wynn-Walsh (Edge Hill University) ‘Troubled Boundaries: Corporeal and Territorial Transgression in Hunger (2008) and ‘71 (2015)’