Giovanna Rampazzo

Reconfiguring the Experience of Urban Space: Bollywood Films in Dublin

Year: 2012

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Dublin Institute of Technology
(at time of presentation)

Personal profile:

My research falls within the developing area of Transnational/Transcultural Cinema, looking at Indian cinema as a case study in the Irish context. My research looks to examine Indian cinema through its performativity and the socio-cultural mediations and encounters that ‘Bollywood' in its formation as a broader cultural - not film - industry as argued by Rajadhyaksha (2002) facilitates. The question central to this research is to probe the place and role of film as commodity within Ireland, examining if, how, and in what ways cinema functions as an agent of dialogue and a catalyst for socio-cultural and economic exchange. My research involves a study of sites/events branded around ‘Bollywood' as a commodity, including exhibition spaces, film festivals (especially the Indian Film Festival of Ireland), production ventures, and key social actors involved with these.

I completed my BA in Film Studies at the University of Wolverhampton in England, where I developed an interest in Hindi film.

I have also directed and produced several short films set in Dublin. In 2009 I was awarded an MPhil in Film Theory and History by Trinity College Dublin.

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