Tony Patrickson

Visual Elucidation in Videographic Studies

Year: 2016

Keywords: n/a


Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
(at time of presentation)

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Tony Patrickson is a media artist who has exhibited work internationally since 1988. He currently teaches virtual cinematography and interactive media at GMIT.



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In this lecture I reflect upon working knowledge accrued in the production of the video essay "Kataskopos: The Extraterrestrial View of the Earth in Film". More particularly I examine the expanded praxis afforded by use of the videographic essay‐form as a means of studying film, allowing as it does for the re‐definition of the individual research question as a region of cultural space‐time. Both the inherent temporality and formation of visual structures implicit in such procedures present the individual researcher with significant challenges in the unification of academic verity with the actual means of film (post‐) production itself. I therefore successively examine a number of potential techniques for the shaping of critical argument and analysis through such means, and contrast these with the level of dialectical awareness required to operate successfully in such a mixed environment. Finally I speculate upon potential future opportunities that augmented‐ and virtual‐reality systems may inculcate within the academic study of film.